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PBM-30 30W Contractor Series PA Amplifier

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UL Listed. Our two channel contractor series mixer/amplifier is a 30 watt amplifier. It features an auto mute function, music on hold output with separate level control (600 ohm line and one watt 8 ohm), 600 ohm telephone line input with level control, bass/treble tone controls, front panel level controls, bass and treble tone controls, front panel level controls, and manual muting contacts. In addition to the telephone line input, this unit accepts inputs from two sound sources. Each source utilizes a microphone input (terminal strip). Source 1 also offers the option of an auto summing stereo auxiliary RCA input. Outputs include a choice of 4, 8, and 16 ohm as well as 70 and 25 volt line outputs. Rack (PBM-RK1) and wall (PBM-WK1) mounting kits are available (not included).

Technical Specifications Finish Black * Frequency Response Rate 50-15,000 Hz. +/- 3 dB * Input Sensitivity/Impedance Tel: 100mV/600 ohms, unbalanced * Mic-1-2: 1.0mV/600 ohms, balanced * Aux- 1: 200mV/50,000 ohms, unbalanced *  Music on Hold 500 ohm line/1 Volt * 8 ohm/ 1 Watt * Mute Level Aux 1/Mic 2 >/= 40 dB * Power Supply 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz. * Rated Output Power 30 W RMS * S/N Ratio Mic- 1-2: Better than 55 dB * Aux- 1: Better than 70 dB * Tel: Better than 60 dB * Speaker Outputs 4 ohms, 8 ohms, 16 ohms, 25/70V line * Tone Control Bass +/- 10 dB at 100 Hz. *  Treble +/- 10 dB at 100 Hz. *  Total Harmonic Distortion 1% or less at 1 kHz. * VOX Level Mic 1/Tel 0-40 dB adjustable

Speco SPC-PBM60AU 60w Pa Mixer Amp With Speco PBM-30 30w Contractor Series Pa Amplifier Ul SPECO PAT20 20 WATT MOBILE PA AMP SPECO PMM60A 60W PA Mixer Power Amplifier w/ 6 Inputs Speco PVL30A

PMM-60A  60 Watt Public Address Mixer Power Amplifier

UL LISTED, 60 Watt RMS; AC 120V, 50/60Hz; 50-15kHz; 6 MIC Inputs, 4 XLR Connectors (1.0mv/250 Ohms); 1 Aux Input (200mV 47K), 1 Telephone (0.1-1V 600 ohm); 4/8/16 ohms & 75/25 V Line Inputs, Music on Hold Features, Separate Bass and Treble Controls

Technical Specifications Wattage 60 Watt RMS * Mic Inputs 6 (1.0mV/600ohms) 4 XLR Connectors * Auxilliary Inputs 3 (200mV/50K Ohms) * Telephone Input 1 (100mV/600 Ohms) * Output 4/8/16 Ohms & 25/70V Line * Feature 1: Music on Hold * Feature 2: Separate Bass and Treble Controls * Freq. Response 50Hz- 15kHz PMM-120A  120 Watt Public Address Mixer Power Amplifier

UL LISTED, 120 Watt RMS; AC 120V, 50/60Hz; 50-15kHz; 6 MIC Inputs, 4 XLR Connectors (1.0mv/250 Ohms); 1 Aux Input (200mV 47K), 1 Telephone (0.1-1V 600 ohm); 4/8/16 ohms & 75/25 V Line Inputs, Music on Hold Features, Separate Bass and Treble Controls.

Technical Specifications Wattage 120 Watt RMS *  Mic Inputs 6 (1.0mV/600 Ohms) 4 XLR Connectors  * Auxilliary Inputs 3 (200mV/50 k ohm) * Telephone Input 1 (100mV/600 Ohms) * Outputs 4/8/16 Ohms 25/70V Line * Feature 1: Music on Hold * Feature 2: Separate Bass and Treble Controls * Freq. Response 50Hz- 15kHz

CSi P-30A P-30A Professional 30 Watt RMS PA Amplifier DISCONTINUED USE PBM-30
30 watts RMS @ 0.2% THD
, Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz, Sensitivity: Mics - 0.5mV / Aux - 100mV, Noise: Mics & Aux - 70dB, Priority Page Muting Circuit, 2 locking Cannon type XLR MIC inputs, 2 RCA Aux inputs, high or low impedance, tone control & separate volume control for each input, Master volume switch & lighted on/off power switch, 4 & 8 ohm, 25 & 70V outputs, Input and output fused, Dimensions: 3½"H x 11-7/8"W x 7½"D, Weight: 9 lbs. 4 oz. -

Speco PL260 commercial 260 watt 7 zone Public address amplifier   MORE INFORMATION ON PLATINUM 260 WATT AMPLIFIER PL-260A


PL200M Multi-source/Multi-zone Matrix Distribution P.A. Amplifier

PL200M Multi-source/Multi-zone Matrix Distribution P.A. Amplifier

The PL200M is the next generation of Speco Technologies commercial Amplifiers. This advanced unit features matrix technology, allowing you to route up to 5 separate inputs to 4 distinct zones. Now you can have the potential of playing a different source in each zone simultaneously. Assigning a source to a zone is as easy as pressing a button and each source has its own separate gain, treble, bass and volume controls. Three of the inputs feature a unique universal plug that allows the flexibility of connecting either an XLR or a 1/4" plug into the same unit.

- Simultaneous playback of up to 5 sources into 4 zones

- Telephone paging function and monitor output for music-on-hold feature

- Microphone 1 priority with VOX mute function

- Intelligent cooling fan

- RoHS compliant

- Separate controls (gain, bass, treble, volume) and LED indicator for each zone.- 19" Rack mount design with built-in handles (3U)

CSi P-30FAP-30FA $399
30 Watts RMS PA Amp Digital
FM/AM Tuner with 30 Presets
Professional 30 watt RMS PA amplifier featuring a digital FM/AM 30 station preset tuner, built-in telephone paging, voice activated priority page, music on hold, locking Cannon type XLR connector and 1/4"" MIC inputs, dual voltage 117/220V AC, 50/60Hz - rack mounting kit included

30 Watts RMS @ less than 1% THD, Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 20,000 Hz, Noise: Mic 60 dB / Aux 70 dB / Tuner FM 60dB/AM 50dB, Sensitivity: Mic .3mV / Aux 100mV, Inputs: 2 Mic Hi or Lo Z / , Unbalanced / 2 Aux, Outputs: 4, 8 Ohm / 25 & 70V line / Booster Tape, Controls: 2 Mic / Tuner / 1 Aux / Separate bass & treble / Master volume, Dimensions: 3¾"H x 16½"W x 12-3/8"D, Weight: 14 lbs. 8 oz

P-60FACD  60 Watt PA Amplifier with FM/AM Tuner and CD Player

UL LISTED, FM/Am Tuner with 8 Function CD Player; 60 Watt RMS/ 90 Watt Max; AC 115V/230V 50/60Hz, 60-15kHz; 4 MIC inputs (1mV; 250 ohm); 1 AUX Input (200mV 47K); 1 Telephone (.1-1V 600 ohm); 4/8/16 ohms & 25/75 V line Outputs; Music on Hold Feature; Separate Bass andFM/Am Tuner with 8 Function CD Player; 60 Watt RMS/ 90 Watt Max; AC 115V/230V 50

Technical Specifications

Feature 1: 8 Function CD Player

Feature 2: FM/AM Tuner with Presets

Feature 3: Music on Hold

Mic Inputs 4 (1mV; 250 ohms) *  Auxilliary Input 1 (200mV 47K) * Telephone Input 1 (0.1-1V 600 ohms) * Outputs 4/8/16 Ohms 75/25V Line * Wattage 60 Watt RMS/ 90 Watt Max * Freq. Response 60Hz -15kHz


MICROPHONES Wires and Wireless Audio Microphones


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COMMERCIAL audio overview

What is a 70 Volt Sound System & what is it used for?

A 70 Volt Sound System is comprised of amplifiers, speakers with transformers, microphones, volume controls, a telephone system interface and an assortment of wires used as connections. It is generally used for commercial sound applications where there is a necessity for electronically amplifying and distributing sound for the functions of paging, playing music and/or pre-recorded messages to a commercial environment.

What are the components that make up a 70 Volt Sound System?

Centralized Amplifier: The central unit of a 70 Volt System is the amplifier that amplifies the sound signal to be distributed to pre-established speakers or paging horn loudspeakers. There are power amplifiers, which are rack-mountable and have no external controls, and packaged amplifiers, which have pre-amp features such as volume controls, bass and treble controls, etc., that are built into the amplifier to make it a pre-amplifier and amplifier all in one unit. Amplifiers have many diverse features and many input and output connections. They can feature XLR MIC Connectors or MIC terminal strip connections, auxiliary/RCA inputs for music sources, and 600 ohm telephone inputs. Most commercial amplifiers have speaker outputs for 4/8/16 ohms and 70V systems. Most Speco Technologies amplifiers offer a ‘Music on Hold’ output feature to allow customers on hold to hear music or prerecorded advertising.

Speakers: There are several different types of speakers including in-ceiling, in-wall, baffle and flush-mount cone speakers or horn loudspeakers. Optimal speaker selection for each installation can depend on the application the speaker is needed for. It can also depend upon the area that is needed to be covered, the ambient noise level of the environment, whether the application for the speaker will be foreground/background music or voice, and whether the speaker will be used indoor or outdoor. For commercial applications in a 70 Volt System, the speaker must have a transformer mounted on it to be used.

TRANSFORMERS: The transformers that are used on 70 Volt System speakers are step-down transformers that convert the high-voltage/low-current coming from the amplifier to the low-voltage/high-current signal that makes the speaker work. Each transformer usually has multiple wattage taps so that each speaker can be individually set as to how much wattage will enter the speaker, and, because of this, how loud each speaker will be. The benefits of using transformers are listed on the next page. Transformers can be sold individually to be mounted on a speaker or premounted already on a speaker.

Phone System Interface Device: TLT-1   These systems are used to connect a phone system to the speaker system via the amplifier for paging purposes.

Microphones: Located in the front end of the system to receive the delivered sound, microphones are low impedance devices that require a shielded cable so as to not to interfere with the amplifier or speaker wires.

• Wires: Generally speaking, :SPEAKER wire is determined by the length of the run and wattage utilized:

For wire runs less then 50 ft. and 50 Watts of power or less use 16 wire gauge.

For wire runs more than 50 ft. or over 50 Watts of power use 14 gauge wire.

Volume Controls , Attenuators, L-Pads: Allows adjustment of volume to speakers.

What are the Benefits of Using a 70 Volt Sound System?

• A 70 Volt System uses a basis of high voltage to result in a lower current when distributing power to a sound system. Since Power equals Voltage times Current, a higher voltage will result in a lower current needed to arrive at a desired power load. This prevents long runs of wire from getting overheated by not having excessive, wasted current. This makes 70 Volt Systems very energy efficient. Many municipalities in America actually require the use of 25 Volt transformers because the municipalities' electrical codes classify a 25 Volt system as low voltage, thus making it safer.

• Generally speaking, 70 Volt Systems are much more cost efficient than an 8 ohm speaker system when dealing with the volume installation of speakers.

• 70 Volt Systems are easier to design than 8 ohm speaker systems. The designer does not have to worry about keeping the impedance matched throughout their speaker system as they would on an 8 ohm based system. 70 Volt Systems can have their speakers daisy chained in parallel together without worry. Because 70 Volt speakers come with transformers, impedance is not an issue unless an extreme amount of speakers are installed together. (It is recommended to use multiple wire runs back to your amplifier as opposed to a single run.) This will make locating problems that occur easier to find by isolating it on individual small speaker runs where it can be quickly located.

Also it is an easy calculation in determining the amount of wattage needed by your amplifier. You will take the total wattage

 equirement of your 70 Volt speakers, or "load", and include a 20% safety buffer to the upside arriving at the minimum RMS wattage your amplifier should have.

• 70 Volt Systems allow you to set the volume of each individual speaker by letting you customized the wattage taps on the speakers for the specific volume needed in your specific sound area. The higher the wattage taps are set on individual speakers, the more power the speaker consumes, the louder the speaker will be. The transformer on the speaker also serves as a safeguard to make sure individual speakers are not ruined by excessive wattage.



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