WIC-100, our new, Wireless, RECORDABLE Inspection Camera other RECORDABLE Inspection Cameras

NTE is proud to announce the addition of WIC-100, our new, Wireless, RECORDABLE Inspection Camera with a New, SMALLER, 9mm Camera head!

This new, deluxe inspection camera allows you to take pictures & record videos   directly onto it via a removable, 2GB SD card! (included) Also featured is a new, smaller, 9mm diameter camera head which is fully waterproof (IP67).

This smaller camera head is especially ideal for any application where entering an extremely small space or cylinder is necessary.

Also featured is a larger size, 3.5 inch, crystal clear LCD monitor!

Other accessories include: -Hook, mirror, and magnet accessory tips -Magnetic monitor base with swivel head (for use in wireless mode)

Other features include: -Housed in a durable storage/carrying case that will protect your camera for years to come! -One year warranty! -FCC Compliant!

WIC-100 is fully compatible with our popular extension shaft, WIC-4. Add up to three! Videos of this product

and YouTube video

WIC-1 Wireless Inspection Camera

Let the ECG® Wireless Inspection Camera with LCD Monitor be your eyes and hands while you look inside walls without tearing them apart, search behind appliances and other difficult places for lost items and hundreds of other uses. Allows for easy visual inspections in hard to reach places. Lightweight, handheld design with 3.28 ft. flexible shaft and useful accessories.


Typical applications for the WIC-1 include HVAC inspection, automotive inspection, cable routing, electrical and general contracting, home theater installation, plumbing inspection and anywhere else that you would use a standard borescope



WIC-1™ Video Presentation

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