Capacitor Sorting Meter

Model 890 $134 Model 890 features a large LCD with dual display, 5,000 count resolution and 10 automatically selected ranges with full scale value from 0.1pF to 50mF.¥Designed to meet the latest international safety standards, the meters dedicated chip and microprocessor allow programmable high/low limits or preprogrammed standard capacitor tolerances. This makes it ideal for measuring values, inspection, sorting

capacitors and testing capacitors against standard tolerances.

  Tolerance Mode - Visible and audible alerts for fast sorting of capacitors against standard preprogrammed tolerances or user-programmed tolerances.   Easy GO-NO GO testing with Tolerance Mode.   Ten High/Low limit settings in non-volatile memory.   Static recording for automatic calculation of Maximum, Minimum and average values.   Relative Mode easily displays deviation between a known standard and measured values.   Data Hold freeze display for easy viewing   Overload Protection: 50V DC/30V AC   Computer interface (RS-232) for in-depth recording and comparison of test results. Allows data logging sampling and printing of recorded data with optional software.   Power supply: NEDA 1604 type 9V battery   Dimensions: 37 x 90 x 192mm (1.46 x 3.54 x 7.56 in.)   Weight: 500 grams (17.64 oz)   Accessories included: Protective Holster, Alligator Clips, 9V Battery and Operation Manual. FOR MORE ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS

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