IC Testers
Model 570A  $1450

Model 575A $1150

Now integrated circuits are easily identified and tested with these new Handheld IC Testers. Two models are available, one for linear and one for digital ICs. Both have extensive built-in libraries. Small, handheld design and battery powered for in the field portability. Very large scale integration allows for advanced functionality, ease-of-use and reliable testing of hundreds of ICs. Remove the guesswork. Identify, test and verify unknown ICs quickly and reliably. Batteries and manual included.
Model 570 - Linear IC Tester

Easy-to-use, no programming or fixturing needed. Simply plug in the device, key in the part number or use Auto Detect and the 570 will do the rest. Proven test software using advanced technology makes this an ideal addition to your toolkit.

  Tests all common analog ICs
  Auto identify unmarked / house-coded devices
  Conditional / unconditional loop testing modes
  Functional test emulates passive circuitry to implement comprehensive test in a variety of configurations
  Displays diagnostic information down to individual component pins
  Rugged, handheld, ergonomically designed case with built-in membrane keypad, 2 x 16 dot alphanumeric LCD and high quality 16 pin ZIF socket
  Battery operated (2 x 9V) with low power design
  Auto power off
  One year warranty
  AC Adapter available
Model 575 - Digital IC Tester

Tests a large variety of digital ICs. Large, built-in library offers a broad range of ICs to select from, including TTL, CMOS, Memory, LSI and others. Simple, single shot IC tests are easily performed by keying in the IC number on the integrated keypad. Results are displayed instantly. Search feature finds unmarked IC and displays possible functional equivalents.

  40 pin wide entry ZIF sockets test a broad range of TTL, CMOS, Memory, LSI, Interface and other devices (NAND gates to CPUs)
  Identifies unmarked and house-coded devices
  Detects intermittent and temperature related faults
  Displays diagnostic information for individual pins
  Battery operated (4 x 1.5 AA batteries)
  One year warranty
  AC adapter available

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