Models 5332A and 5330A power clamps offer the capability of AC/DC power and power quality measurement. In addition to Watts, VA, VAR, and power factor readings, the instruments give accurate current, voltage, and frequency measurement. The unique SmartHoldTM feature means that a complete set of readings for all seven parameters can be stored and displayed at any instant. A 25 segment bargraph gives an immediate indication of analog values and ranges and allow dual parameter display in Power Factor and Frequency modes.

5330A Power Clamp Meter 2000Amps

Automatic detection of AC, DC, and AC+DC signals

Accurate power and power factor measurement for distorted waveforms

True RMS

SmartHoldTM and Record modes for data analysis

Integrated 3 phase power capability for balanced loads

Model 5331A additional features:

Peak voltage and current value measurement

Total harmonic distortion, distortion factor, crest factor, and ripple measurement

Optional digital interface and Windows® software for data logging and digital waveform output for harmonics analysis


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The unique combination of features offered by the models 5332 and 5333 make it an essential tool for power measurement and diagnostics. These new power clamps combine the functionality of a power quality meter, oscilloscope, and data logger in a single handheld instrument which has been designed for safety and ease of use.

Models 5333 & 5332 Additional Features:

5333 Power Clamp Analyst 2000Amps Distortion factor, Harmonic Distortion

# 5332 Power Clamp Analyst 2000Amps $940

Current clamp, power quality meter, oscilloscope and data logger in one

Backlight LCD to display 5 parameters, waveforms, harmonics, and data logging trends

Digital output for data download and analysis