Function & Arbitrary Waveform Generator 21.5 MHz
Model 4070A  
Model 4070 represents the finest, single source for signal generation to date. Combining the latest DSP and DSS technologies, this model offers a number of operating modes. Model 4070 is the best value and most capable instrument on the bench.
Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Sweep Function Generator, Pulse, VCO, AM, FM, Modulation, FSK and Burst Modes are all accessed quickly and easily from the front panel keypad. Being a true 12 bit arbitrary generator, Model 4070 is stable, accurate and drift free. Unlike competitive models, it generates every data point independently of the repetition rate. Custom design waveforms on a PC or download from a number of sources: spread sheet, oscilloscope or application program. It performs like no other signal source.
  Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  Function Generator
  Pulse Generator
  High Stability Timebase
  Loop N Link Virtual Memory
  Basic Sine / Square Wave
  Linear / Log Sweep (Free Run or Triggered)
  Internal / External AM
  Internal / External FM
  Internal / External PM
  Internal / External SSB
  Internal / External BPSK
  Internal / External FSK (Ext FSK to 3 MHz)
  Burst (Int / Ext Trigger)
  DTMF Generation
  DTMF Detection
  Power Measurement
  Dualtone Generation
  Arbitrary Waveform
  Function Generator
  Pulse Generator
Features / Benefits

True 12 bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator / Design custom waveforms that are: Stable, Accurate and Drift Free

Versatility / Allows engineers to use one instrument for a broad range of applications

RS232 Interface / Ability to upgrade internal programming and download complex signals form a computer

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