Frequency Counter 1856D  3.5 GHz Benchtop Frequency Counter -  new replaces 1856c

Reliable 8-digit counter has 3 ranges for maximum resolution to 0.1 Hz. Two "N" style connectors and a BNC allow for a number of inputs. Selectable gatetime and sensitivity with RS-232 output for data recording. Special functions include: data hold, relative and memory for increased ease of use. AC adapter or battery power.
Display: 8 digit LCD
Ranges (Max Resolution): 10MHz (0.1Hz), 500 MHz (10 Hz), 2.7 GHz (100 Hz)
Sensitivity: 15mVrms typical - varies with range Frequency Accuracy: ±2PPM +1d (23° ±5°C)

Benchtop Frequency Counter - Model 1856C

B&K Precision introduces a 2.7 GHz Benchtop Frequency Counter as a replacement for Model 1856B. It features an easy-to-read 8 digit LCD display and HF inputs.

Using a TCO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator) timebase, Model 1856C offers the highest accuracy and stability available. It can be powered using batteries or an AC adapter (optional).

Use for electronic research facilities, test and measurement labs, electronic & computer equipment, repair shops, electronic engineering and vocational schools..

  Best value for 2.76 GHz counter
  High frequency N connectors contain signals
  AC and Battery operation for portability
  Special features: Hold, minimum, maximum and average values make troubleshooting faster and simpler.
1856B FeaturesLarge 13.8mm Digit / Easy to see even in low light¥Selectable Sensitivity / Handles a variety of signal levels¥RS-232 PC Interface / Allows for long-term data logging with users software¥Two Power Sources / AC and DC allow for field service if needed¥

(6) 1.5V Batteries or AC Adapter (not included)
183mm (.72") LCD, 8 digits
Power Consumption
Approx. DC 45mA at 10MHz & period range
0 to 50 degreesC (32 to 122 degreesF) at 80%RH max.
Dimensions (L x W x H)
280 x 210 x 90mm (11.0 x 8.3 x 3.5")
1200g (0.27lb.) including batteries
Standard Accessories
Operation Manual
Optional Accessories
RF Antenna, Vinyl Case, AC Adapter
Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories:O

CCPB-21 Direct probe with BNC connector & alligator clip pairs, available for MHz range

CC-41 Direct probe with double BNC connector, available for 500 MHz & 10 MHz, 2700 MHz range.

CCNN-23 Direct probe with double N coaxial connector, available for 500, 2700 MHz range.

ADNB-24 N coaxial connector to BNC connector adapter.

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