#1 Find a central location in you basement or a closet to mount your control panel.

#2 Mount the panel on the wall.On to the terminals marked for AC input, attach a 18Ga 2 conductor wire to an AC outlet that is always on. Attach the wire at the outlet on to the Plug In AC step down transformer. DO NOT PLUG IT IN YET.

#3 Decide on what entry points & windows you want to bug with magnetic contacts. Decide which areas you want to cover with Passive Infred Motion detectors space protection. If you want Glass Break detector plan on their location.

decide on how you want to break down your alarm contact points into zones. Decide on what type of zones you want

#4 I like to start out by jumping out all the zones with the end of line resistors. Next mount and attach a keypad. You can now power up the panel by plugging in the AC transformer and attaching the battery. They Keypad should now show all the zones closed ( because they are jumped with resistor )

#5 Mount a magnetic contact or contacts for you entry/ exit delay zone .This is the door you must come in and exit from when you set your alarm. You will be running a magnetic switch on that door to Zone #1 on your Control panel with a 22 Ga. 2 conductor wire.  Lift up one end of the resistor you used to jump out zone #1 . Attach one of the conductors from the switch to the end of the resistor you just lifted up. Attach the other conductor to the terminal you lifted the resistor from. Now the resistor should be in series with the switch and the zone #1terminals. Now if you have done it right, the keypad should indicate when the door is opened or closed.

 When you set the alarm all zones must be closed and no one can be walking around in an area covered by a motion detector.  

Find the location for your keypad ( or Keypads). You will need to have a keypad in a place that is near the door you plan to exit and enter. This door will be a entry /exit delay zone.

#4 Attach the 4 conductor wire for the key-pad to the proper terminals on the panel. I use 22 Ga. 4 Cond. Telephone Wire since it is the same colors as the keypad wires Red , Black, Yellow, and Green. Use Bennie crimps to connect the wire to the key pads. If you are mounting more than 1 keypad they are hooked up in parallel so, you can run all the wires directly back from each key-pad to the alarm control box. You can also run from one key pad to another then back to the box but, always keep the same color wires attached to each other.  

Types of Zones

Delay- This type of Zone is used mainly as entry/exit protection point. When you come in through a delay zone the keypad prealarm will sound and you will have a set amount of time to enter the proper code to turn off the alarm before the sires start sounding.

Interior - This type of zone is used to protect areas inside a house. These alarm protection points can be disarmed while the alarm still is actively protecting the perimeter (see STAY BUTTON). You will put motion detectors on this type of zone. This type of zone also observes the delay time as long as you come in through the delay zone. If the alarm is set and someone comes in to the protected area they will act as an instant zone.