al of VCR, satellite receivers, Security camera, ect. to a user selected TV channels. RFDM-3 is a 3 channel input Mono Modulator intended for non-adjacent placement of modulated channels in any channel free area of the UHF band or CATV ULTRA band. The Agile design provides maximum flexibility.

*Compact design for easy installation

* Combined stereo input to Mono.

* Eprom channel memory

* Multiple TV distribution

* Professional picture quality

 * Output level -Full 40 dBmV.

* Covers UHF Ch. 14-69

* CATV ULTRA Ch.65-135.

* LED channel display

Note: These are analog modulators. They will modulate on to analog UHF channel. If you are using these with a cable system you should be OK you just need to find an unused channel or block some out with a notch filter then set your TV's for cable input. If you are trying to use the modulator on an off air system how well it works will depend on the TV's in the system. If ,like some of my TV's,  the tuners will accept digital and analog and lock them all in when it scans or let you add analog channels you are all set. If , like some of my TV's , one tuner input runs the digital tuner and the other is for the analog then you will need to use a splitter to get signal to each input and choose analog tuner when you want to watch channels that are from the modulators.



I. Frequency Band SelectIon (UHF or CAIV ULTRA channel)

     1 Unplug DC power plug from RFDM-3. Note: This Is very Important and the channel selection does not work if this step Is not done In advance.

     2. Set the UHF/ ULTRA switch to UHF for UHF frequency or ULTRA for CATV frequency

     3. Plug in DC power plug to RFDM-3 Power jack and this complete Frequency selection

The Band Indicator located at left of front panel. may be lit for UHF selection only The indicator will be off for ULTRA CATV selection.

II. Set-up Modulator Input of A B & C and Channel Selection

     1 Press Mode button to select A and A indicator LED is lit up and currently set Channel number Is shown on the Channel display

Note: Factory set up frequency are l4 Ch for UHF and 65Ch for ULTRA band

     2 Use Up and Down key CH ^ /CH V to select the desired channel

Note: The last channel selected will be stored in the memory even when power goes out.

    3 Repeat step 1 & 2 for input of B and C for channel selection

III. How to use Modulator

     1 Connect 3-wire stereo dubbing cables between RFDM-3 and your Video devices (VCR.

DVD. Satellite Receiver. etc.). to Modulator input of A. B and for C to any of Video/Audio


Note: The stereo dubbing cables are not included In the RFDM-3 and you need to buy   necessary quantity of dubbing cables depend on number of devices you plan to modulate.

    2. Connect Coaxial cable to ANT input, either from CATV or off-Air antenna if there are any.

    3. Connect RF OUT to UHF input of TV set or Cable set-top converter.

    4. Plug the provided Power Supply into the power line and RFDM-3 power jack   This complete the installation of RFDM-3 Modulator.

5. For channel selection,   it is required that a channel higher or lower  be skipped from any UHF off-air channel. This is to avoid off air channel interference. Example: Channel 23 is a local off air channel, for channel selection, the channels 22 and 24 must be skipped. Note: this would also be required when using the Ultra band selection. Example: UHF channel 17 would be channel 68 in the Ultra band.

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